Areas of Practice & Experience


How Much Does it Cost?

Often, the hesitation in retaining the services of an attorney arises from the concern about how much it will cost. Thus, you might be asking yourself: Can I afford to hire Denis to help me?  Perhaps the better question is: Can you afford to NOT hire Denis to help you?

The kind of things that Denis can probably help you with are usually not the kind of things that get better with time. As a result, waiting too long can often make a problem harder, and thus more expensive, to solve.  

And, more importantly, it does not cost you anything to meet with Denis to discuss the situation and decide whether he can help, and find out how much it might cost. 

Also, remember that Denis does not have just one billing-rate or approach, including working for a flat-fee, on a contingency basis, or a sliding-scale based on the ability of a client to pay, all of which will be decided and agreed upon before a cent is owed.

The initial Consultation & Planning is free!


REsolving Business Disputes

— Just as there are all kinds of businesses, small and large, simple and complex, there are all kinds of disputes that can arise, between businesses, between a business and its employees, and between a business and its customers. Let Denis custom-build a solution that is right for your business.

Civil Litigation

— With over 25 years of litigation experience, there are few, if any, attorneys in Jefferson County who have the experience that Denis has gained inside and outside the courtroom.  He is an eminent strategist, exemplary advocate, and considered one of the best legal stylists around. If you need someone to represent you in a legal proceeding, Denis is a great choice.

Personal Injury Cases

— From automobile accidents to defective products, Denis has spent his entire legal career handling personal injury cases. For the first four years, Denis was on the defense side of these cases, gaining important experience and perspective for his later work representing injury victims. If you have been injured in accident, by an unsafe product, or in some other way, contact Denis to see how he can help you obtain the compensation and justice that you deserve.

Regulatory Compliance

— When it comes to the manufacture and selling of goods, whether it be food or agricultural products, nutritional supplements,  custom designs, legal regulations are one of the most common source of trouble for a business. The same can be said for restaurants, food-service establishment, or other business providing services.  Do you need a license and, if so, what kind? What agencies must I register with? Does it make a difference if I am selling only locally? What about if I sell online too?  Or I just received a notice of violation?

Landlord-Tenant Issues - 

— Whether it is a current or ongoing dispute with a tenant or a landlord, or whether you have a lease that you need to have drafted or reviewed, Denis has extensive experience doing all these things, in both the commercial and residential context.

Employment Law Issues - 

— The rights and obligations of employers and employees can lead to all kinds of problems and disputes,many of which can be avoided with a proper understanding of what the law does and does not require.  So if you have questions about hiring and firing, employment policies, workplace safety, practices that can be deemed to be unlawfully discriminatory, worker-compensation claims, wage-laws, or anything else related to employment, contact Denis for help. He is happy and willing to help both employers and employees with most issues.

Preventing Business Disputes

— If there is a choice between resolving a dispute versus preventing one, choose prevention. That is why assessing the risk of disputes is so important.  If you do not understand the risks, prevention will not be effective. Well-written and easy-to-understand agreements can prevent most disputes, and limit liability when disputes do arise. Think ahead; prevent.

Nonprofit organizations ~ Formation/Advice

— Denis has about 20 years of experience serving on non-profit Board, with many of those years in a leadership role. He has advised numerous organizations in seeking nonprofit and tax-exempt status, drafting Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Conflict of Interest Policies.  

Small Business Start-Ups and advising

— Of the many things that Denis loves about Port Townsend, it is the ability to help individuals start and grow businesses. Much of this work he has done pro bono (at no charge), to help get a new business up and running, deciding on the form of business needed, and advising on legal requirements. Fees (if any) are based on the size of business and ability to pay.  So, if you are thinking of starting a business, or need some advice about a business you already have, reach out to Denis now.

Food Law and Policy

—In addition to being a law professor who has taught courses in Food Law and Policy many times before, Denis has written and published law review articles, book chapters, essays, and how-to-guides on many, many food-related topics. Further, working with food companies is one of the things that Denis most enjoys doing.  And when he is not practicing law, Denis loves to grow fruits and vegetables and cook great food. 

Product Liability (and Torts)

—Product liability is the specific area of the law that Denis knows the most about, and probably has the most experience in, especially when it comes to unsafe food products. Product liability is situated in the broader area of the law called Tort law, which is another of the law school courses that Denis taught.  If you need consultation in these areas, contact him.

Drafting Contracts and AGreements - 

— Of all the different courses that Denis taught as a law professor, legal writing was where he excelled. If you want an agreement drafted that is full of legalese  that only a trained-lawyer can understand, you should not contact Denis. But if you want an agreement that is clear and easy to understand, then call Denis. He has drafted consulting contracts, service agreements, contracts for the sale of goods, LLC operating agreements, settlement releases, and many other things. (But please see below for the kinds of things that Denis does not draft .)

Is There Anything that Denis Does Not Do?

Although you should feel free to contact Denis for an initial consultation on any topic, there are certain areas of the law and practice-areas where Denis either has insufficient experience to competently handle a matter, or the matter involves something that Denis simply does not handle.  These are:

  • No Criminal Law, Defense or Otherwise
  • No Estate Planning (Trusts, Wills, Powers of Attorneys, etc.)
  • No Real Estate Law (House or Property Sales, Title Disputes, etc.)
  • No Family Law (divorce, child-custody,  parenting plans, etc.)